Hi, Everyone! Kanneshiwa!

If you haven’t noticed, the blog name is a play off of the Japanese word ‘konnichiwa’ meaning welcome and my name, Kanesha.

Back in the day, I heard Kanneshiwa so much, that it stuck with me. I liked it; it had a ring to it. So, after countless attempts to come up with a blog name, Kanneshiwa reawakened. Ha! It works!

On another note, you probably want to know why I am starting this blog. I am like most other people who begin their blogs. I like to write and know that continuous writing makes me a stronger writer. I’d love to share my hobbies and passions with you and why not make money doing it?

I intend to monetize the site by showing you the different things that I purchase; the apps used, blogs that I’ve learned information from etcetera (I love the way the word, etc. looks spelled out).

I look forward to showing you the different poses and flows that I have been working towards. This journey will be nothing short of putting my all into it, and that is what you will get.

Thank you for reading into the blog this far. Stay tuned for my next blog which will go into the types of yoga that I practice and other neat findings.

Again, Kanneshiwa!

<3 Kanesha