Center Split Back view


Good morning! Rise and grind. Namasté. Thank you for thinking of me on this day and for giving me a few moments of your time. You mean the world to me in this very moment and I look forward to more moments like this.

The last time we chatted, I talked about what I do on an average day and carried on about getting back to work. This week, I am all about yoga and core strengthening and providing you the information that I’ve stumbled upon or researched to help keep me flowing throughout the week.

I’ve read once that practicing 45 minutes to one hour a day is recommended to see faster results. However, within the same paragraph, it read that doing what feels best for you and what works with your schedule also makes a difference. Both statements are strong. I believe that to see the results (when I choose to see them) my workouts need to be at LEAST 30-45 minutes.

Now, I consider myself human, and some days I will not make that 30-45 minute workout. When those days happen, I make sure to still stretch while in the bed and to focus on channeling positive energy or releasing any tension through breathing exercises or bedside yoga.


Which leads me to tell you more about a yoga term that I just learned about ‘saucha.’ Being sure that I have a pure heart before laying down at night is essential to me. I never want to go to sleep with any negative energy on my mind or spirit, and purifying that energy is a priority. Thus the word saucha was formed!

According to, saucha is inner or outer cleanliness. Saucha supports the inward purity of our thoughts, words, and actions by being mindful of what we allow to enter our minds and bodies contributes to purifying our personal spaces, and flows into our encounters with shared spaces.

Before initiating your yoga session or anything in life in my opinion, we should clean our living spaces, our thoughts, words, and actions before moving forward. This first niyama touched me as soon as I read it. Knowing that it is at times hard to let down a barrier that I have placed up when trusting others, saucha allows me to accept the moment while still being aware and living in the moment with a positive perspective.

For instance, instead of telling myself that I should have done a more extended yoga session on the days that I am exhausted from work and life, I congratulate myself for finishing a 10-15 minute session and treat myself as I would if I had completed an extended practice.

We only have one life to live, why live it making ourselves feel as if our small successes are not successes at all? Have you come up with an excuse for that question? Please don’t. You deserve every bit of kudos that you can give yourself.

To me, being able to put my socks on in the morning is a blessing. Realizing these small victories is only the beginning of seeing the change that I seek within.


As mentioned before, I am new to yoga and have begun challenging myself to have a center split (Samakonasana) and a standing handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) within 39 days. I can pretty much stand in the middle of the room in a handstand, yet holding it and coming down with control are my weak points.

I have begun doing core exercises using the Alo Moves application to aid in building core strength, and I must say, Calvin Corzine has been kicking my ass with his routine. I plan to incorporate these moves in every workout.

For my center split, I have been focusing 25-30 minutes to stretching daily. Today is day five of the challenge, and already I can tell that the tension in my hamstrings is loosening. If you would like to watch along with my journey to center splits, check out my Instagram page for updated photos.

Meanwhile, here’s my current progress:

Thank you again, for continuing to review my page and keeping up with my growth. It is essential that we hold each other accountable so that we meet our goals!

I look forward to hearing more from you and seeing your successes.

<3 Always,