Open Your Heart, me in a headstand

One of Many Passions.

You know that job that you had that made you feel as if you are getting closer to your dream yet never seemed to get you there? Or the one where you experienced days daydreaming about what you could be doing to better yourself only to come back to reality still in your current situation?

Yep. That is my current situation. Consequently, I am lucky enough to currently work from home and enjoy my new apartment to myself–well, along with my puppy Sigma. Living my passion is a process of investing positive energy into it. Looking forward, transitioning into yoga has helped me to realize where my true happiness lies.

Yoga takes me back to childhood days of doing the splits, back-bends, handstands and being free-spirited. Happiness for whatever reason that made sense to me. The times when for lunch period, all the girls did was turn cartwheels over and over until we ran out of breath. The good ole times.

Open Heart Pose.

I admit, I am no experienced yogi and I still struggle to learn the different pose names such as the Camel Pose aka Ustrasana. Or a Chair Pose known as Utkatasana (as I browse the yoga journal website that I found to find the names).

Alas, there is an app for that!


AloYoga provides everything you need YOGA—yoga fashion, yoga information, yoga classes, etc. It’s all there. The AloYoga instructors are mainly two and three times certified, give detailed instructions on how to do yoga positions along with providing the correct name, and the app allows you to stream the videos to your TV in the comfort of your living space.

You may have noticed some of your favorite Yogi’s such as Janice Liou, Koya Webb, and Naya Rappaport teaching or showcasing their fashion. They are some of the bravest of hearts, calmest of spirits, and free of mind women that I have witnessed watching in Yoga, along with Candace of YBC. I graze their pages daily to stay current of all things yoga, learn about their current endeavors, and to motivate myself when I don’t know what steps to take next in my journey.

In short, yoga can be learned from a mobile app, a yoga class, or self-taught. Whatever lifts your spirits and feels the most comfortable do that. Always find your inner peace with anything you do. Release that last breath of energy that’s holding on in fear of not making the right choice and sigh it out. You have one life to live. Absorb all of the good energy that you were put on this earth to receive. You’ve got this!