picture of my progress of samakonasana
picture of my progress of samakonasana
Journey to Samakonasana

The mind is everything. What you think you become.


You are what you say you are.

You know what they say … you become the person YOU say that you are.

By performing the behaviors that lead up to your passion or goal, you become it. I believe that most people know this and the general struggle lies behind remaining focused when you have several other life events happening.

Work. Life. Balance.

I, too clash with work-life balance. It’s all good though! The key is to remain focused. You may branch off into another area that stemmed from your passion, and then you find out later that it’s not the right fit. The next thing that you know, you’re back to square one with your passion (or where you left off). I figure that that road was us to find out what we do not like and to move forward.

For example, launching into my yoga journey, I honestly had no sense of direction and did not know whether to start with Ashtanga vs. Yin vs. Vinyasa. I found myself struggling to keep up with the upbeat flow of Vinyasa classes, so I decided to deepen my focus instead and concluded yin yoga is the right size.

Listen to Your Body.

I also just began following challenges on Candace Moore‘s blog site, and this helped tremendously with focusing on my pose of choice, Samakonasana. To learn different flows, I found distinct yin and vinyasa flows on Youtube. I’ve discovered Kassandra to be extremely helpful in these two flows. Her Youtube channel has a plethora of knowledge within it, and I hope that you gain as much from it that I have on my current journey.

Signing out, I look forward to showing you my continued growth throughout this journey. This year, I claim my passion. It feels like a winning year to me. Ready to claim yours? Let’s journey together!